Online PDF Word Counter

Upload pdf file and count words in PDF Online free.

About PDF Word Counter

PDF files often contain thousands of words, making manual counting impractical. Many free tools yield unpredictable results, while accurate counters are typically paid. This poses a challenge for individuals with limited budgets seeking reliable counting solutions.

PDF Word Counter

To address this, I developed a free PDF word counting tool. It quickly and accurately counts words in bulk files, easing the burden for users. Bookmark the page for future use.

Why Choose Aio PDF Word Counter?

While many online tools require multiple steps, like converting PDFs to Word documents, my Aio PDF Word Counter simplifies the process for all users.

This process is not suitable for newbies, students, or common-literate people. In contrast, my AIO PDF Word Counter is simple and easy to understand. Let’s see how it works.

How to Use

It is just 3 three-step process to count the bulk PDF number of words in the fewest minutes. For that

  • Visit and search Word Counter in PDF tool menus.
  • Upload or drag your PDF file and click on the Get Results button.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and the result will be in front of your eyes.

You see how simple a tool I have developed to count PDF file words conveniently. Let me tell you what benefits you can gain from this counter.

Key Features

Instant Results

Obtain word, character, sentence, and paragraph counts instantly.

Detailed Statistics

Beyond total words, receive detailed character, sentence, and paragraph counts.

User-Friendly Interface

Easily upload files with a clean layout accessible on any device.


Access the tool from any device for consistent results.

Safe & Secure

The tool doesn’t store uploaded files or user data, ensuring privacy.

No Sign-up Required

Use the tool without providing personal information Count Characters In String With Python.

Who Benefits

Academic Researchers

Validate word counts for publications.

Marketing Professionals

Optimize content for SEO.

Government Employees

Ensure compliance with regulations.


Meet length requirements for papers.


Validate manuscript length.

Legal Professionals

Verify document requirements.

Business Professionals

Confirm compliance with standards.

Personal Use

Analyze various document types.

FAQ ,s

The tool only works with PDF documents. Other file types, like Word documents and image files, are not supported.

There are no file size limitations. You can upload PDFs of any length.

No, the tool does not require registration or logging in. You can use it anonymously.

Absolutely not. The tool does not save or store any uploaded files. Your documents remain private.


The PDF Word Counter simplifies word count tracking for users, supporting compliance and efficient document production.

Marketing Professionals

Digital marketers, copywriters, and PR specialists often have to produce web content that meets specific word count targets. The PDF Word Counter tool lets them quickly optimize on-page content and press releases to align with SEO best practices.